Green Building – ​We Recycle Leftover Materials!

Green Building

All of our carpet remnants, carpet pad, vinyl siding, plastic and sheet metal is bundled and locally recycled. Our waste drywall is hauled away by a drywall recycler in Pennsylvania. We use all leftover lumber to fuel our boiler, which provides hot water baseboard heat for our facilities. Years ago, we installed low energy-use plant lighting fixtures to reduce our energy consumption. In recycling some materials, such as drywall we incur costs for the transportation from our plant. These costs are a necessary part of doing business and keep materials out of landfills!

Setting a new standard of excellence, Bill Lake has raised the bar to a new level in the manufacturing of custom modular homes. As new standard, at no additional charge, we will now provide a Blower Door Test, which will take place after the home is set and completed on site.

The customer must contact Bill Lake and request this service.

This test will help maximize the heating and cooling efficiency of the home. Bill Lake has been the leader in construction of energy efficient homes for over 45 years and as new technology is available, we will continue being on the cutting edge of bringing higher standards to their customers.

In the future, we will make the upgrade using the Blower Door Test available to past customers at a very practical charge.