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    Bill Lake Modular Homes is a high-quality, offsite construction and homebuilding company located in Sprakers, New York. Our focus is building beautiful homes and multiunit buildings utilizing the most efficient form of construction for customers throughout the Greater Northeast. We take pride in our established and exceptional construction practices while providing our customers with an engaging, enjoyable building experience. 

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    The Future of Modular Homes

    Offsite construction is remarkable; the building of your home will never be affected by weather or labor scheduling issues. Unlike with onsite construction, we have easy and immediate access to engineers and updated code requirements and each home is closely inspected throughout the entire process by a quality control department, who is responsible for ensuring all current code requirements and construction
    practices are being implemented. Although once having limited structural and aesthetic design options, modular construction has rapidly evolved allowing anyone to build a beautifully designed home with the most high-quality engineering and construction practices. The future of modular homes is brighter than it’s ever been and we feel honored to be a part of it.

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