Our Process

  1. Call Bill Lake Modular Homes at (518) 673-2424 or e-mail at [email protected], please have available the zip code of the area you will be building in.
  2. A Bill Lake Modular Homes representative will give you the contact information of the Premier Dealer or Builder in your area. Bill Lake Modular Homes is the manufacturer; we sell through a network of Dealers and Builders who process price quotes, complete the site work and finish the home.
  3. You will work directly with your Dealer or Builder in getting your price quote, develop the type of home you want, choose your floor plan and elevations and finally choose your options.
  4. Once this information is gathered it will be sent to our Engineering Department with a deposit for the drawings.
  5. Once the drawings are complete they will be sent to your Dealer or Builder for review with you. When you make changes they are called revisions which will then be sent back to our Engineering Department to be redrawn until you have your dream home completed.
  6. Once you approve your drawings then you will request your stamped prints which will then be approved by our Architect and NYS. A deposit will be required when requesting the stamped prints. You will need these stamped prints for your building permits.
  7. Once stamped prints have been ordered you will go from the quote stage to a formal contract with your Dealer or Builder. By now all your deposits should have been given to your Dealer or Builder.
  8. Once you have signed the contract and the deposit has been made the formal order release for the build will be sent to Bill Lake Modular Homes and this will be what we build from.
  9. At this time your home will be scheduled for building and a projected online date can be given. Offline dates depend on our and or the Dealer Builder backlog.
  10. Customer supplied items must be delivered to Bill Lake Modular Homes no later than a week before the home goes online.
  11. When the home is online you are welcome to watch it being built, please call us at (518) 673-2424 and make an appointment. You are more than welcome to take pictures.
  12. Once the home is complete we will require full payment when it is 4 days off line or if it is to be delivered sooner then we must receive payment at curbside meaning when the home arrives at you site or staging area.
  13. Bill Lake Modular Homes transports and sets their homes. When the home gets close to coming offline you’re Dealer or Builder can request a transport and set schedule date.
  14. When the home is set then your Dealer or Builder will finish your home.