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What Will My Modular Home Cost?

December 28, 2023

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive, and before we answer it, we will both need a little more information. For starters, it really helps to think of the term “modular” as the construction process used to build your home, rather than a specific type of home. When you hear “modular home” you should be thinking “modularly-constructed home.” As we discuss in our article “What’s in a Name?” a modular home must be built to the same local codes as a conventionally constructed home. So when you ask “how much will my modular home cost”, that’s just like asking a realtor “how much will my home cost? The realtor will say – it depends. The same holds true for modular.

Factors in the home costLand

Your home has to go on a piece of land somewhere, and depending on your location, lot size etc., your land cost could make up a small portion of your overall cost or a much larger portion. For the sake of this article, we will leave the land out of the cost equation with the acknowledgement that it is not typically included in the cost you are quoted for your home.

Cost of the Home

The modular home industry, generally speaking is comprised of two main types of companies that you will likely encounter – 1) the manufacturer who actually constructs a majority of your home in a quality controlled location other than your home site, and 2) the local builder or contractor you work with to have your home delivered, installed and completed on your home site.

Typically, the builder or contractor is your primary point of contact for the home and the one dealing with the manufacturer. As such, there is a price that the manufacturer charges for the basic home construction (base model, standard plan). This is the price to the builder, not to you. So if you get a quote directly from a manufacturer, that is likely NOT the final cost of your home.

MHBA represents dozens of different modular home manufacturers and each has their own standard models and floorplans. Its best to research several styles and plans that appeal to you before contacting a builder. Do you prefer a cape cod or a rancher? Colonial or contemporary? And obviously the size of your home impacts the overall cost. We have provided many of sample images in our gallery.

Most homeowners are not likely to purchase a standard plan with no alterations or customization. Working with your builder, you can talk about what options or changes you would like to make to the standard plan and what the cost of these upgrades are.

Then the builder works with you on the site to ensure all permits, zoning, and local ordinances are being met, and arranges for the delivery and installation of the home. Delivery and installation are costs that a manufacturer may or may not include, but they are costs to you, so be sure to ask.

So before you click on our request a quote button to get a price, you will need to know a little more about what you are looking for. When you think you have a good idea of what you want, go to our request a quote page and enter that information. Your request will be sent to our network of builders who do work in your region and they will follow up with you directly.

NOTE: Builders get many requests online from people just curious about pricing but with no real intent to build a new home – or in some cases, with no financial means to do so. If you are not sure how much home you can afford, check out this article on Budgeting Basics for Modular Home.