Your Journey Home

Building Your New Home


Design Consultation

Initiate your journey by consulting with Bill Lake Modular Homes to discuss design preferences, floor plans, and customization options.


Visit the Factory

Tour our factory where all of our homes are built in a controlled environment.  Learn more about the qualities, traits and best practices used to build your home.


    Site Evaluation, Engineering and Design Approval

    Collaborate with Bill Lake Modular Homes and Your Builder Partner to assess your building site, ensuring compatibility with modular construction requirements. Are you in need of a recommendation for a builder partner? We can help!  Are you in need of locating a property to build your new home? We can help with this too! Once your design is finalized, Bill Lake Modular Home’s engineering team reviews and gains necessary approvals for the modular construction.


      Personalize Your Home

      Schedule an appointment with our Designer, Abigail.  She’ll assist you in selecting finishes, fixtures, and additional customizations for your modular home, tailoring it to your preferences.


        Factory Construction & Quality Control Checks

        Shortly after customizing your finishes to suit your desires, your brand new home will be constructed in our controlled environment, ensuring precision and quality. We perform rigorous quality control check points.  These processes are implemented during and after construction to meet industry standards.  In addition to our internal Quality Control Checks, your home is also inspected by a third party to ensure the quality of the build.


          Transportation Arrangements and On-Site Assembly

          Our transporter representatives will coordinate with your builder partner the necessary arrangements to transport your brand new home to your building site.  They are often on specialized carriers, ready for on-site assembly. Once on site, the modules are craned onto the foundation (installed and prepped by your Builder Partner) and assembled by our set crew or a contracted set crew. This typically takes a shorter time compared to traditional on-site construction.


            Interior and Exterior Finishing

            Your builder partner will then coordinate all of the necessary items needing completion to complete your home!